Sutcliffe… and Star Wars at Hanham's

02 June 2021
The last two day Hanham auction threw up a wide range of collectables

Bargains were evident for those who had done their homework. Take the Lesney Yesteryear (Y-6) Type 35 Bugatti: this was finished in red, and not the usual French Blue, and I must say, I haven’t seen one for a while. Virtually mint with an acceptable box it sold for £20 (original price 4s 2d!).

The Hasbro made boxed Star Wars Rogue One Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT action figure playset was interesting in that it was still sealed. Containing an Imperial AT-ACT driver, Sergeant Jyn Erso and C2-B5 figures, it soared away to realise £200. Still on Star Wars, the Kenny Baker (R2D2) autographed 8x10" colour photograph of the star alongside the robot was an interesting bit of ephemera, which was snapped up for £60. Finally, a 1984 Kenner made Star Wars The Power Of The Force One-Man Sand Skimmer Vehicle was a seldom seen item from the end of the Star Wars line. Securely carded, it was bid to £300.

Hands up if you recall Camberwick Green. A miniature town diorama, based around the Robert Harrop designed resin figures, featured eight original Robert Harrop characters including Windy Miller, Dr Mopp, Mrs Dingle and others. There were all set within a scale diorama display case featuring the shops from the series. Plenty of interest pushed the set to £150. A similar diorama, albeit bigger, showing the Town Square, made £320.

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The Sutcliffe Models Sea Wolf Atomic Submarine tinplate clockwork toy was surely a steal at £50: it appeared unused and still had the little bag containing the key for the motor. It took £110, though, to win the original 1960s National Periodical Publications Batman Batzooka Pop Gun set. Although incomplete, it still retained the original pop gun, a pouch of Bat Bullets, three of the cardboard targets, a pin badge and some other items.

From around the same era was the Tri-ang Minic tinplate clockwork Green Line single decker bus. With two-tone green bodywork and with Green Line decals, it lacked a key but the clockwork motor was functional; it sold for £80. For cops ‘n robbers fans, the 1980's Corgi Toys model No. 292 Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino set was something of a time-warp in that the model and accompanying figures had never been removed from the box. Like new, this lot finally settled on £190.