Surfs up with the Corgi Model Club’s latest reproduction

25 April 2022
Next up is No 485 Surfing with the B.M.C. Mini-Countryman

Next up from Corgi Model Club (and should have begun to arrive with early subscribers by the time that you read this) is No 485 Surfing with the B.M.C. Mini-Countryman. Featuring a superbly recreated box that’s as close to the original as modern practices allow, the marvellous Mini comes with a surfing figure, two surfboards, roof rack and opening rear doors – just like the original release in March 1965 that was in production until 1969. Even if you’re not a subscriber, you can buy any of the releases so far (subject to stock) as a standalone purchase. This model will be available to buy on its own for £29.99, plus postage. But, as a subscriber, this would cost a whopping ten pounds less.

To find out more, visit the club’s new-look website at

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