Super sale at SAS

17 October 2017
SAS-76906.jpg SAS
The forthcoming October SAS sale will feature some very interesting toys, says Hugo Marsh.

The forthcoming October Special Auction Services sale will feature some very interesting toys, says Hugo Marsh.

A large collection of fine diecast commercial vehicles will go under the hammer: these date mainly from the 1960s and were purchased around 1980, and include Tekno, Lion Car, Conrad, NZG, Corgi and Dinky. Aviation material won’t be overlooked either. A large scale 1930s travel agency model of a Junkers Ju52 airliner, with correct corrugated aluminium body built around a wooden frame, will be a star lot. Also up for grabs are the blueprints and drawings from 1932 of the Vickers Supermarine Schneider Trophy-winning seaplane, the precursor of the legendary Spitfire, with a letter from R J Mitchell’s office addressed to the teenager who asked for them, and who later died flying a Hurricane in the Battle of Britain.
Aside from that is an incredibly rare FROG yellow Hawker Hind from 1941, one of only a handful made; and a rare FROG/IMA orange rocket-powered gunnery target for the War Office, dating from World War II.  Finally, for nautical coves, it’s worth watching out for the pretty 38cm Marklin Battleship that dates from around 1912.

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