Subbuteo Scores at Aston's Toy Auctions in Dudley

08 November 2012
imports_CCGB_subbuteomunichworldser_80399.jpg Subbuteo Munich World Series Edition sold at Aston's
Munich World Series Edition is the 'man of the match' during recent sale ...
Subbuteo Scores at Aston's Toy Auctions in Dudley Images

The world of football is awash with large numbers, whether it’s multi-million pound takeover deals, massive wage slips or fans at matches (well, at least for some teams) so it should come as no surprise to hear that a range of Subbuteo teams, accessories and equipment made big money at Aston’s Toy Auctions in Dudley on 15th September.

The ‘man of the match’ (or should that be ‘lot of the auction’?) was a Munich World Series Edition including teams, scoreboard, two floodlights, six line/corner flags, two balls, two goals, emergency services and press figures. The set was in good/very good condition and hit the back of the net with its £440 sale price (prices don’t include buyer’s premium).

Elsewhere on the auction pitch, a collection of 13 Subbuteo teams and accessories (such as scoreboards, manager figures and corners kickers) had a good result, realising its original estimate of £100. Also selling for £100 was another selection of 12 teams, including England, Scotland and Northern Ireland teams, along with nine club sides.

The next Aston’s Toy Auction takes place on Saturday, 10th November.

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