Steiff "Luther" brass mohair teddy bear sells at specialist Vectis sale

09 May 2019
vectis-teddies-92351.jpg Vectis teddies and dolls
Dolls and teddies did rather well at the Vectis March sale.

Dolls and teddies did rather well at the Vectis March sale, with a Lilou original porcelain artist doll, by Ruth Treffeisen (of Germany), complete with blue/grey  glass eyes, blonde hair, and a cloth body. She also came with a pearl necklace, cotton knitted socks, leather shoes and certificate. Billed as excellent, this 24” lady realised £1,020.

The Pedigree Mitzi doll, "Sindy's new continental friend with that mysterious, exciting, French look", featured large, side-glancing blue eyes and claret red hair, although the doll was somewhat discoloured. Billed as only fair to fair plus, this 12” example nonetheless skipped past her low estimate to sell for £384. Oh, la la!

Back in time to a Steiff "Luther" vintage brass mohair teddy bear: he dated from 1905/1906 and was fitted with an underscored "F" STEIFF small size early button. Fully jointed, with felt pads (with some wear and repairs noted), he had a humped back, elongated arms and an inoperative tilt growler. Loss of hair in places was also flagged up (clearly a sign of a loved bear!), he was described as fair to good. Estimated to make £1,000-1,200, he settled on £1,440.

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