State-side update

05 November 2018
bertioa-15811.jpg This Kingsbury JC Penney delivery truck with original box, 14½ inches long, and ex-Donald Kaufman collection, was estimated to make US$5,000-10,000: it was virtually mint.
Bertoia’s 9-11 November Annual Fall Auction launched the holiday season in the US

Bertoia’s 9-11 November Annual  Fall Auction launched the holiday season in the US, with outstanding toys, trains, banks and holiday antiques. In all, around 1,400 lots were due to go under the hammer.

A huge array of playthings will have sold by the time the Collectors Gazette is printed, but they included an extensive line-up of comic character toys, many in their original boxes, with numerous Popeye toys; a Gunthermann Jiggs bumper car; a Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd Whoopee Car; a rare pre-war celluloid Cowboy Mickey Riding Pluto; a Japanese Mickey/Minnie Playland Theatre and a boxed Marx Honeymoon Express.

Interestingly, approximately 24 British biscuit tins from the Byron Fink collection were entered, including a Crawford Rolls-Royce, Huntley & Palmers Reading Speedboat and a Pride of London aircraft.

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Amongst the European fare were a large Bing battleship (ex-Malcolm Forbes collection) and rare Erzgebirge toys. Within the blue-chip mix was a pristine Gunthermann tonneau, Hans Eberl clown porter and a M&K zeppelin and airplane go-round.

On the railways front, collectors were chasing the Marklin passenger sets and cars in various gauges, as well as an extremely fine Marklin gauge 3 freight shed. A Schoenner (German) gauge 2 set and an American Carlisle & Finch freight set were also among the train highlights.