Star Wars: prices out of this world!

06 January 2017
VECTIS-boba-84234.jpg As good as they get, this Boba Fett soon found a new home.
Star Wars: prices out of this world!
Star Wars: prices out of this world! Images

The Vectis sale on 29 November was something of a mecca for Star Wars aficionados, with some pretty rare items changing hands. France was the name of the game this time around, with a French Meccano Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Lando Calrissian 3 ¾ inch vintage figure up for grabs. Described as excellent plus (albeit with some paint loss), it was within a yellowed, detached bubble although the card was present; this latter was a square punched card back. Estimated at £200-300, it was knocked down to a fan for a staggering £5,040.

Han (or Yan, as the French would have it), didn’t do too badly either: again a French Meccano version, in excellent condition upon a 12 card back, Solo definitely had the force with him, blowing away the upper estimate of £500 to achieve a creditable £2,760. Equally stunning was the Boba Fett figurine from the Return of the Jedi: near mint to mint, on a 45 back card, this fellow carried a top estimate of £400 but fans of the films pushed him all the way to £2,520.

Han Solo with a small head also attracted a lot of interest. For those who worry about such details, the Kenner Star Wars Han Solo came on a 12D punched card back. According to an AFA population report, there are four graded examples of this. All four graded examples are AFA75 and are the large head variation on either a 12B or 12C card back. No small head variation of Han Solo is known to be on a 12D card back. This made him rather special, something that was reflected in his closing bid of £2,640, almost double his estimate.

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Finally, from the same film came the likeable Yoda, again in virtually mint condition and mounted on a 65 back card: this popular chap didn’t quite make the major league but nonetheless ended up with a final bid of £1,920.