Star Wars goes to auction at British Toy Auctions

27 September 2021
Forget the fourth of May, Star Wars fans have a new date to get excited about...

October 15th sees British Toy Auctions host a specialist sale of Star Wars action figures, vehicles, dioramas and much more. The majority of the lots offered are from a single owner collection that has taken over ten years to accumulate and covers the original 1970’s toys to the modern releases and special limited edition items.

The enduring popularity of Star Wars shows no signs of diminishing with a recent sale at British Toy Auctions bringing an amazing £360 for a Power of the Force - Last 17 action figure of R2-D2 with Pop-Up Lightsaber, and the forthcoming sale promises to deliver even better results with over 400 lots to bid on.

The bulk of the lots on offer are from a single owner collection who is selling his vast number of pieces to help his children get on the property ladder, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. He sourced the items from collector’s forums, specialist auctions and regular buying trips to the USA and attending events like the San Diego Comic-con to find exclusive pieces with plenty of rarities to be found.

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The range of items is impressive with Simon Kelly, valuer at British Toy Auctions, commenting “The scale of the collection is phenomenal and the seller has obviously taken time to source the best pieces available making this group one of the finest we have seen. All the valuers have been amazed by the collection as you can see by the picture of associate cataloguer Ashley Martin holding a Jakks Pacific 31” Clone Shock Trooper.” The lots on offer will include hundreds of figures and vehicles with the majority of the items having been graded.

It is not just the usual action figures that are on offer with the sale containing a number of unique items such as two high quality dioramas constructed by the seller during the recent lockdowns. The seller, whose background is in architecture, used his time to create the large dioramas using 6” Black Series action figures and various parts of vehicles and models with the result being a spectacular reimagining of scenes from the films and true one offs. Other stand out pieces include a framed Darth Vader montage of Dave Prowse and James Earl Jones (the on screen actor and voice actor of Darth Vader) and a display of C-3PO and R2-D2 with the Death Star plans.

With approximately 130 graded items available including B-Wing ships and action figures including with the ever popular Boba Fett model in original packaging, factory error Black Series models and other rare examples there will likely be a huge amount of interest in the sale from collectors. So prepare to feel the power of the force.

For more information contact Stuart Walsh on 01928579032 or email: [email protected]