Stamp Collector magazine launches Summer of Stamps Virtual Festival

06 July 2020
Have you ever thought about starting a stamp collection? Or perhaps your grandfather kept a box full of stamps from his travels? Well now is the perfect time to explore this growing hobby!

The team behind Stamp Collector magazine will be running a month-long virtual festival, set to attract thousands of collectors from around the world. The ‘Summer of Stamps’ virtual festival will begin on 9 July, offering a bustling stamp marketplace, featuring the latest stock and information from a wide range of stamp traders and auction houses; daily content, including exclusive videos and guides from organisations such as the British Library and The Postal Museum; a virtual goody bag, featuring offers and discounts; and competitions, challenging collectors to put together one-page stamp displays.

With many events having to be postponed, including the prestigious London 2020 international exhibition which would have taken place in May, the festival aims to bring collectors together, help them add new items to their collection with the help of knowledgeable stamp traders, and learn more about the hobby.

View the full programme by clicking here and join in the fun on their website here

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