Spot-on Austin Seven sells for £1,342 on eBay

14 April 2014
imports_CCGB_austinseven_07528.jpg Spot-on Austin Seven sells for £1,342 on eBay
Collector sells his collection of Spot-on models online. ...
Spot-on Austin Seven sells for £1,342 on eBay Images
Although we often report on vintage diecast selling for thousands at auction, it’s not often we see them making that kind of money on eBay… so you can imagine our surprise when we spotted a Spot-on Austin Seven had recently sold for a wallet-pounding (more like PayPal-pounding on eBay) £1,342 – although at least the postage was free.

A quick look through the vendor’s eBay records showed that over the past couple of months he had been selling his collection of Spot-On models and had saved the best until last, so to speak with, in his words, this “extremely rare” model.

Finished in yellow with a red interior, the 1/42 scale model was mint, although there was a slight manufacturing flaw along the bottom edge of the windscreen, along with 1mm of paint loss to the front nearside door. However, these were factory errors according to the seller because the model had only been taken out of its box to take the eBay photo. Which is incredible, considering the model was originally released in the early 1960s.

The model included it original box in excellent condition, although it was slightly discoloured due to age and had a 2mm tear to one corner, plus it came with the original Tri-ang collectors leaflet, which had been crumpled from being packed so tightly into the tiny box, and had a tear where the model had been pushed into it.

Incredibly, bidding started at a meager 99p(!) but it didn’t stay there for long because the second bid quickly took it to £68.65. Eventually, after some furious last minute bidding, it closed on £1,342. Interestingly, this wasn’t the only rare piece sold by the Spot-On collector and in December, he flogged a Spot-On No. 0A presentation set for £2,400!

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