Sir Jack Brabham's Cooper T53 by Schuco

08 July 2014
imports_CCGB_img-6207_43902.jpg Sir Jack Brabham's Cooper T53 by Schuco
A close look at Schuco's fabulous new 1/18 scale model of Sir Jack Brabham's 1960 British Grand Prix winner. ...
Sir Jack Brabham's Cooper T53 by Schuco Images
Schuco has released a 1/18 scale model of the Cooper T53, ridden by Sir Jack Brabham, at a price of £202.99. The model is a limited edition of 2,000, available through John Ayrey, for more details and stockists details go to

The Cooper T53 was a racing car designed and built by the British Cooper Car Company for the Formula 1 season of the 1960's.

Cooper adapted the T53 to have lower, sleeker bodywork with a more aerodynamic front end and coil springs replaced the leaf springs of the T53's predecessor, the T51, and a 5-speed gearbox was installed. It is powered by a 240 bhp, 2.5 litre, 4-cylinder Coventry Climax engine and these slight modifications provided Brabham with 5 consecutive wins by mid-season.

After his five consecutive wins, Brabham won his second successive world champion drivers' title in 1960. With the achievements of this driver, Cooper managed to defend its Formula 1 constructor's title.

After the obvious success of the Cooper T53 the trend was set and the shape of racing cars was changed forever, by 1961 the entire Formula 1 field would consist of rear-engined racing cars.

Jack Brabham became Sir Jack Brabham when he was knighted as he received the honour in 1978 for services to motor sport.

Brabham died on May 19th 2014 aged 88. David Brabham, his son, drove the very same car last weekend at the British Grand Prix that his father drove in 1960 to commemorate his father and his victories. “It will be a great honour for me to drive one of my father's historic and iconic 1960 Coopers in the 50th Grand Prix parades.” said the grieving David Brabham as he spoke about his involvement in the parade.

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