Shopkeeper's box of 71 Rolykins Daleks sells for £5,100

06 December 2013
imports_CCGB_pictureebay_76795.jpg Picture: eBay
Incredible eBay auction started at just 99p! ...
Now, here's a perfect example of a hidden gem on eBay... on the 25th November a vendor listed the following on eBay: "Shopkeepers (rare)Box original Dr Who with 71 Darlek [sic] Rolykins". Bidding kicked off at just 99p, however by the end of that day the bidding had quickly escalated to £685. Eventually, after 10 days of furious bidding, the virtual hammer finally went down on £5,100... certainly a lot more than 99p!

The eBay description read as follows, with spelling mistakes: "Here for sale is an original shopkeepers box full of Dr Who Darlek Rolykins, (Date on box says 1965) there are 71 in the box, all in good condition.These have been stored in grandmas attick and as such the box is a little dusty,( see pics) but inside there is 71 individual boxes, of different coloured Dalek Rolykins, with a packet of attachments in cellophane for the Daleks. am starting with no reserve as am not sure of there true value! but I have seen them fetch good money individually on here! so please dont insult me with silly offers or I WILL EXTERMINATE!"

This just goes to show that you can find some truly exciting pieces on eBay - you just have to spell Dalek wrong now and again to find them.

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