Shane Watson GI Joe Collection at Vectis Auctions

18 February 2014
imports_CCGB_shanewatson_96560.jpg Shane Watson GI Joe Collection at Vectis Auctions
We head to Stockton-on-Tees to film the huge Little Joe GI Joe collection. ...
Shane Watson GI Joe Collection at Vectis Auctions Images
Although we're used to seeing some fairly unusual items pass through the doors of Vectis during its numerous auctions - remember the Great Garloo - and also some rather large collections, the auctioneer's recent TV and film sale proved to be one of the more interesting. That's because it included the Shane Watson Collection of GI Joe figures.

Shane had amassed what can only be described as a MASSIVE collection of action figures from around the world, including the standard GI Joe products from America, along with pieces from Takara in Japan and Fun Skool in India. In fact, although there were hundreds of GI Joe figures in the auction, it's only a tiny proportion of Shane's collection and there are still thousands of boxed and loose soldiers set to be sold in a future auction.

In the video below Vectis' Kathy Taylor gives an insight into this huge collection and explains how much time it took to sort it all out, plus picks out one of the best items in the sale. However, there's plenty more to come in future auctions, including a huge 7ft battleship, which we can't wait to see!

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