Shaken and well stirred

14 September 2016
Vectis-2CV-83654.jpg 2CV
Shaken and well stirred

The Specialist sale held by Vectis on 8 August  featured three private owner diecast collections. There were some stunning pieces and some stunning prices to match…

A gold-plated Citroen 2CV from the film “For Your Eyes Only” was truly rare, being one of just 12 issued in 1981. Mint all round, this had Bond fans shaken and stirred before the bidding settled at £3,240. Other crime-related vehicles included the scarce Husky Crimebusters gift set (containing The Man from Uncle car, Bond’s DB5, a Batmobile and Batboat) which made £1,440; and an unusual matt black Corgi Batmobile, which almost doubled the pre-sale estimate of £400-500.

Otherwise commercial vehicles did rather well, with a Dinky Heinz 57 Varieties van with some roof chipping boiling over at £1,080 and a Dinky 503 Foden Flat Truck with tailboard in green and mid-green reaching a price of £1,560. Even the Dinky Austin Covered Wagon (413) in mid-blue with cream tilt in good plus condition generated interest, propelling the estimate of £110-130 to a whopping £480.
Who was it said that the Brexit would cause financial ripples?

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