Santa's Mailbag Still Bulging with Requests for Traditional Toys

13 December 2012
imports_CCGB_pic3726b4e4230f76d0ba149a73504361ed_88804.jpg Santa's Mailbag Still Bulging with Requests for Traditional Toys
Royal Mail unveils top 10 toys for Christmas and it's not all fancy gadgets. ...

Royal Mail has opened Santa's mailbag to uncover what the top 10 most wanted present are this Christmas and, despite all the modern hi-tech gadgets and electronics, some traditional toys have still made it onto the list. The elves at Royal Mail receive hundreds of thousands of letters each Christmas and reply to everyone who includes a return address. So, if you've asked for a Hornby trainset, you can expect a reply before the Big Day.

This year's most requested gifts are:

1. Furbies - those slightly irritating virtual pets. Then again, least you can turn them off.

2. One Direction memorabilia - even more irritating boy band. Expect to see collectables in the skip next year when they get replaced by the next manufactured group.

3. Moshi Monsters - bizarrely popular online game about weird-looking creatures

4. iPads - well, at least they can read Collectors Club of Great Britain all the time, so we approve of this one

5. Bikes - the classic Christmas present and still a nightmare to try and wrap up

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6. Flickers - absolutely no idea what these are, perhaps they're digital tiddlywinks

7. LEGO - ah, finally a true collectable makes the list

8. Monster High Dolls - a bit like Barbie accidentally went to a goth club

9. Dolls & prams - the traditional gift for girls, let's just hope Action Man isn't included in this category

10. Nerf guns - the modern version of the classic toy gun and will cause similar trouble when the child keeps shooting at auntie Mildred while she's trying to sleep off the rum after Christmas dinner

Santa’s very own postwoman, Tara Connor said: “Santa and his elves love reading all the letters and are working flat out to make sure that children receive a reply in time for Christmas.

“Santa tells me that children are asking for more traditional presents this year, with soft toys, bikes and electronic games all proving to be very popular.

The V&A Museum of Childhood, London agreed, said: “It is not surprising that these toys are once more among the top requests this Christmas. Children have always enjoyed the more traditional playthings and Christmas requests for dolls, board games, vehicles and soft toys have been made by children for well over a hundred years."