Ruby Toys to launch new Albion Van model

08 May 2013
imports_CCGB_diecastgem_20253.jpg Ruby Toys to launch new Albion Van model
New diecast manufacturer adds to range with Wright's Baking van. ...
After demand from collectors, Ruby Toys owner John Hope has decided to launch a new model in his popular range of diecast Albion vans. Earlier in the year he launched the new models, incorporating liveries from the likes of OXO, Fox’s Glacier Mints and more, with many of the limited editions selling out after release.

Now John is launching a new livery in the same range: Wright’s Baking. It had originally only appeared on the website as an ‘experimental’ livery for space filler but it quickly became one of John’s personal favourites. As such, it is now available in a certificated limited edition of 100 models, priced £57.50.

Speaking about the new model, John told us: “I decided to add the Wright's Baking livery to the range just a few weeks ago. I produced a number of one-offs including the Wright's and used a picture of it on the Ruby Toys website to fill a little space which needed a picture, but I didn't want to put one of the models I was actually releasing in it.

“I had developed a soft spot for the Wright's because it just looks so good, in my humble opinion of course! Then I began to get a few enquiries about it and I did a bit of market research with other collectors who had bought one or more of the released Albions and got quite a positive response so I thought I would release it.”

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