Round 2 bringing back Marvel World playset

18 June 2013
imports_CCGB_marvelworldplayset_45766.jpg Round 2 bringing back Marvel World playset
Classic cardboard set to make its return, along with related sets and accessories. ...
Well, we certainly didn't see this news coming... Round 2, which tends to specialise in making highly detailed plastic kits, is set to bring back one of the best vintage superhero toys from the 1970s - the Marvel World playset. Originally created by Amsco (a Milton Bradley company), the set gave comic book fans the opportunity to build their own version of the Marvel Universe by using cardboard buildings and characters. Often cited among the best comic-based toys, Round 2 is now planning a direct reproduction of the rare vintage set, which will be followed up with a line of related sets and accessories.

Although the Marvel World playset was arguably more popular in the States - where it was reguarly advertised alongside the adventures of Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four - it's easy to see why children in 1975 were desperate to get their hands on this fine item. First up there are 36 card mini figures of popular Marvel heroes, like the Hulk, Thor and Spidey, along with villains such as Dr. Octopus, Dr. Doom and the Green Goblin. Each featured fantastic artwork straight from the comic books.

However, what was perhaps more impressive were the numerous 3D buildings based on locations from the Marvel universe, including the Baxter Building, the Daily Bugle and the Avengers Mansion. Many of these included secret passages and cross sections that could be removed, allowing the card characters to 'enter' the buildings. It's an incredible piece of engineering and must have blown the minds of numerous children getting it for Christmas in the '70s.

Originally this impressive beast only cost around $8 but has since skyrocketed in value faster than Iron Man can travel around the world, for example in May an example that was missing some parts and had figures glued to their stands still sold for $550 on eBay. This should come as no surprise really considering how easy the original card pieces would have been broken. As such, we're delighted that Round 2 has decided to remake this super piece... because we certainly couldn't afford $550 to get an original!

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