Resincast Honda Urban EV Concept car from DNA Collectibles hits the shelves

21 November 2018
Future-WOW-98869.jpg DNA Collectibles No DNA000015
If this is the future of electric city vehicles then sign us up now!

If this is the future of electric city vehicles then sign us up now! Honda’s Urban EV Concept was unveiled for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017 and the company’s CEO, Takahiro Hachigo said at the time “this is not some vision of the distant future ... the future is being built today". Seen more as a prototype than just a concept, Honda managed to achieve both with one car and it has already stated its intention to make this concept/prototype into an everyday car for Europe by 2019 as its first step towards two thirds of its global sales being electrified by 2030.

But you don’t have to wait until 2019 to check this amazing car out for yourself. You can glimpse the future right now with this sublime 1/18 scale resincast from DNA Collectibles, No DNA000015, featuring its already legendary build quality and attention to detail.

Sporting a rather pleasing flat white exterior with matt grey interior and some truly exquisite detail (just look at those wheels for starters!), it’s already in stock to buy now at, priced at just CHF 179.00, and with a limited run of just 320, don’t delay or you might miss out on the future!

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