Rare vintage Star Wars Jawa sells for £10,200 at Vectis Auctions

25 October 2013
imports_CCGB_jawa_62498.jpg Rare vintage Star Wars Jawa sells for £10,200 at Vectis Auctions
Only six examples of the vinyl cape Jawa thought to exist in the world. ...
Well, it seems like we've been excited about this for ages but Vectis has finally sold the exceptionally rare vinyl cape Jawa that has been causing a stir among Star Wars collectors. After making appearances in the national newspapers, online and even on BBC Breakfast, it's safe to say there was certainly a lot of excitement in the room during Vectis' TV and film sale on October 24th.

Vectis' Kathy Taylor said: "This is one of the rarest Star Wars figures that has ever been sold. It is the Holy Grail for Star Wars memorabilia collectors. Until the other figure, which was authenticated by the US-based Action Figure Authority, came on the market, people didn’t think the Palitoy-made Jawas with the vinyl capes even existed, so there was a lot of excitement when that was sold."

The example sold at Vectis was estimated at a reasonable £6,000 to £8,000 but it quickly smashed through that top estimate and the hammer went down on an impressive £8,500 to an American collector online. With commission, the final total for the Star Wars fan will be £10,200. The sale itself was great fun, with members of the Universal Alliance dressing up as Star Wars characters (including a Jawa), so make sure you watch the video below and get a closer look at this rare Star Wars action figure.

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