Rare Mr. Gold LEGO Minifigures selling for hundreds

17 June 2013
imports_CCGB_legomrgold_44891.jpg Rare Mr. Gold LEGO Minifigures selling for hundreds
Only 5,000 figures available worldwide, hidden in sealed 'Mystery Bags'. ...
The hunt is on for some very rare LEGO Minifigures. For the first time in its history, the Danish brick builder has launched a ‘Willy Wonka’ style search for some exceptionally limited edition Mr. Gold figures! To celebrate the launch of its 10th LEGO Minifigures Series, the company has created 5,000 special pieces and, at the time of going to print, 4,353 are still to be discovered.

The Minifigures come in ‘Mystery Bags’ ensuring that you’ll never know what you’re getting until you open it. Supposedly there have been reports of retailers having to ask customers to leave because they’re feeling the bags, looking for the distinctive top hat of Mr. Gold.

So far in the UK 121 lucky fans have bagged a Mr. Gold with collectors in Burton on Trent, Wetherby, Leeds, Stafford and Worthing all reporting their rare find. In fact, the UK is the luckiest country in Europe, with the most Mr. Golds so far.

Incredibly, the price of those Mr. Gold figures that have already been found are soaring on eBay and one recently sold for a whopping £600! Plus, this is the kind of collectable that will potentially increase in value over time too. So, we’ll see you at Tesco feeling the Mystery Bags to find that elusive Mr. Gold!

If you’re interested, LEGO has created a map of locations where Mr. Gold has been found, you can check it on the LEGO website. Get in touch if you've managed to snag one of these rare beasts!

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