Ramsay's British Diecast 15th Edition: Corgi Toys

18 May 2015
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Highlighting some of the most sought after Corgi Toys, plus a history of the company. ...
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Corgi Toys were launched in 1956 by the Mettoy Company which had itself been founded in Northampton by Phillip Ullmann in 1933. The ‘Mettoy’ name was derived from the first three letters of ‘Metal’ plus ‘toy’ – the company’s main product range being composed of lithographed metal toys. In 1948 Mettoy produced its first cast metal toys and called them ‘Castoys’. The Castoys models contained a clockwork motor and when the first Corgi Toys models were introduced they also contained a mechanism. This, plus the introduction of window glazing, gave Corgi a competitive edge against its great rival, Dinky Toys.

Corgi Toys were named after the Welsh breed of dogs and this logo will be found on virtually all the Corgi packaging. The models were produced in Swansea by Mettoy Playcraft Ltd, hence baseplates are marked ‘Made in Gt. Britain’.

The development of the Corgi Toys product range was largely instigated by Howard Fairbairn, a Mettoy company director. Prior to his director appointment, he had been Head of Development at the Birmingham Aluminium Casting Co and had considerable diecasting experience. The first truly Corgi Toys product was No. 200 Ford Consul in 1956.

Corgi has always been famed for its model innovations. This was especially true when it was able to promote its models as ‘the ones with windows’. Additionally, greater realism was achieved over time with, for example, better detailing of its wheel hubs.

Corgi introduced various model ranges which have stood the test of time. Today, virtually all the Corgi models produced in the 1950s and 1960s are highly sought after. In particular, models such as the range of ‘Monte Carlo’ Minis, the Gift Sets, Farm Tractors and the ‘Chipperfield’s Circus’ items are very collectable. In addition, television and film related models such as Batman, James Bond and similar models command a very high price at auction.

In 1983, the Mettoy company went into receivership and Corgi Toys became the subject of a management buy-out. From this time, the emphasis changed from the mass-production of toy vehicles to mainly the development of authentic limited edition models aimed at adult collectors – the ‘Corgi Classics’ range.

Gift Set No. 15 Silverstone Set (1963-64)

Includes sets No. 150s, 151a, 152s, 215s, 304s, 309, 417s, three buildings and a plain box, with no picture. Guide price £2,000 to £2,500.

US Export Set made for FAO Schwarz - FAO-012 'Best in Show' Animal Gift Set (1966)

Containing GS2 Land-Rover with Rice's Pony Trailer, No. 484 Dodge Kew Fargo and No. 486 Chevrolet Impala 'Kennel Club', blue/yellow individual card boxes, blue/yellow presentation box. Guide price £1,500 to £2,000.

US Export Set made for FAO Schwarz - FAO-804 'Circus' Set (1968)

Containing GS7 Daktari Set, No. 470 Forward Control Jeep, No. 1123 Chipperfields Circus Animal Cage and GS19 Chipperfields Circus Land-Rover and Elephant Cage on Trailer, blue/yellow individual boxes, blue/yellow presentation box. Guide price £1,750 to £2,250.

Corgi Juniors No. 3004 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Set

Containing No. 1004, 1001, 1011 and 1012 plus un-numbered VW Beetle in red with black No. 5 on white circle on sides. From the Film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Guide price £4,000 to £5,000.

Corgi Juniors No. 3004 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Set

Containing 007 Bobsleigh, Spectre Bobsleigh and Volkswagen Saloon. Guide price £6,000 to £7,000.

Gift Set No. 6 'Rocket Age' (1959-60)

Includes No. 350 Thunderbird Missile, No. 351 RAF Land-Rover, No. 352 RAF Vanguard Staff Car, No. 353 Decca Radar Scanner, No. 1106 Karrier Decca Radar Van, No. 1108 Bristol Bloodhound Guided Missile and No. 1117 Bloodhound Loading Trolley. Guide price £1,500 to £2,500.

Gift Set 22 Farming Set (1962-65)

Contains No. 1111 Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester, No. 406 Land-Rover and Trailer, No. 51 Tipping Trailer, No. 101 Platform Trailer, No. 53 Massey-Ferguson 65 Tractor with Shovel, No. 1487 Milk Churns, No. 1490 Skip and three churns, plus models from Gift Set 18. Lift-off lid all-card picture box, with inner polystyrene tray. Guide price £1,750 to £2,000.

No. 251 Hillman Imp

Danish promotional issue 'JENSEN's', light blue body, yellow interior and Jensen's logo. Guide Price £1,000 to £1,200.

No. 349 Morris Mini (1967)

Red body, lemon interior, four psychedelic labels, 'MOSTEST' logo. Guide price £2,000 to £2,750.

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