Proving colour is key

06 December 2016
6-vectis-Lion-car-37895.jpg Lion Car
Rarities at Vectis
Proving colour is key Images

The Vectis sale on 25 October threw up some real rarities: witness the pair of Lion-Cars, all the way from Holland. Not terribly common over here, two examples surfaced: No.1053 was a DKW with a blue body and silver trim, in near mint state with the distinctive yellow and red picture box: this made £312, way over the top estimate of £100. Its companion did even better, the No.1054 Opel Rekord in dark green with silver trim, which fetched an impressive £432.

On the homegrown front, the Corgi No.420 pre-production colour trial Ford Thames Airborne Caravan had bidders breathing heavily. Estimated at £300-400 (a reasonable guess, given the odd nature of the toy,) this model, with deep yellow lower side panels and rear doors, very pale green upper bodywork, a yellow interior and spun hubs, once again proved that colour is all: it sold for an astonishing £1,920.

Corgi also scored with No.200, a rare factory pre-production Ford Consul Saloon. Finished with a brown body (without windows), flat spun hubs and fitted with trial white smooth tyres, it featured hand-painted silver trim and a full factory riveted baseplate. It was believed to have been given to reps as initial samples back in 1956. Estimated to make £1,000-1300, Vectis wasn’t far out, for it settled at £1,560.

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The other notable Corgi lot was the ever-popular Monte Carlo Rally set of Rover, Mini and Citroen, all set against a suitably wintry backdrop: GS38 was described as Excellent to Excellent Plus, and the £580-640 estimate was doubled, the trio making £1,200.
More familiar was the Dinky Joseph Mason Paints Mini with its maroon body, red interior, chrome spun hubs with black treaded tyres. Not easy to find, this promotional issue, it was minus its leaflet but bidders were undeterred, the hammer closing on £900 against a pre-sale estimate of £380-440.