Polar Lights releases new Superman and Wolverine plastic kits

08 November 2013
imports_CCGB_comicpackaging_63889.jpg Polar Lights releases new Superman and Wolverine plastic kits
Latest 1/8 scale kits made from all new tooling. ...
Polar Lights releases new Superman and Wolverine plastic kits Images
There's great news for fans of comic book heroes this month, as American plastic kits maker Polar Lights has introduced two new models based on Wolverine from the X-men and the Man of Steel, Superman. Both replicas are made from all-new modern tooling and show the characters in particularly heroic poses - a nice touch is that the figures resemble classic designs, rather than the more recent illustrations.

Wolverine comes leaping from the pages of the monthly comic pages for the first time as an all-new snap-together model kit. Depicting a scene inspired by the character's early days, he stands triumphant atop a mutant hunting Sentinel robot showing the results of an encounter with the "berserker" rage of Wolverine. The model features snap-together assembly that is perfect for the beginner and also supplies all of the detail expected by meticulous modelers. Features include masked and unmasked head options, chrome plated claws and waterslide decals to supply the stripes of his uniform.

Meanwhile, the Man of Steel is presented in his first all new model kit in years! This iconic model kit commemorates Superman's 75th anniversary by showcasing the famous "KRYPTONITE NEVERMORE" comic book cover featuring Superman flexing his muscle to break free of Kryptonite chains. The kit parts are injected in blue plastic and are accompanied by both stickers and decals of Superman's iconic "S" symbol. The figure also stands on an "s" symbol base.

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