Pint-sized robot with provenance

05 October 2016
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Pint-sized robot with provenance
Pint-sized robot with provenance Images

Up for consideration at Cottees September auction were some very interesting Star Wars lots, including a scratchbuilt R2-D2. What was special about this life-sized replica was that it had been signed by Mr R2-D2 himself, Kenny Baker, who spotted it at a swapmeet. Sadly Kenny passed away in August but his memory lives on amongst enthusiasts. It was a popular lot, attracting plenty of bidding before the hammer finally fell at £650.

Other Star Wars lots included a Hasbro Revenge of the Jedi Death Star display case complete with 14 Star Wars figures: this rarity was only available at the San Diego Comic Con back in 2011. The Force was clearly awakened, and this interesting assortment contained in a perspex case, caused plenty of activity. It finally sold for £750, bang on the upper estimate.

A C-3PO Collector’s Case dating from the 1980s was also included in the sale. Original card packaging and outer trade box were intact, which added to the item’s appeal and this iconic plastic robot’s head reached £200 in Earth money.

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Besides the Star Wars interest there was a host of railway items, (tenders, coaches and track), comics, cinema posters (quads), dolls, teddies, plenty of tinplate and some good figurines. In the latter category, selling for £70, was an Elastolin two horse drawn combat wagon in 7cm scale on a correct base, contained within a Harrods box. The four horse version in similar packaging was knocked down for £60. Both were in excellent condition. A Dinky Toys wooden shop display cabinet was another eye-catching piece. With five shelves and appropriate Dinky lettering, it would have been perfect for your Binns Road modelled miniatures. Someone bid this all the way to £460. In contrast, a Dinky Toys metal tiered stand also found a new home, but this time for a reasonable £90.