Pedal power!

06 December 2016
6-Vectis-Citroen-26925.jpg Citroen
Impressive tinplate at Vectis
Pedal power! Images

Some truly impressive tinplate came under the hammer at the Vectis auction on 9 November. A Lines Brothers Tri-ang (UK) large scale pressed steel clockwork No.1E 2 door sedan was typical of the genre. A scarce pre-war model in orange with black mudguards and plated radiator and headlamps, it featured opening doors and a steering wheel that operated the front wheels. This example even boasted the original brake by the driver’s seat. Electrically powered headlamps and a spare wheel completed the package, which carried an estimate of £200-300 but the car was quick off the line to achieve £720. Another eye-catching model was a pressed steel Citroen clockwork truck. Again, it featured opening doors and steerable front wheels, electric headlights and was actually manufactured by the car company. Gallic interest overcame those present and against an upper estimate of £300, it went on to clock £840.

Somewhat different was the Orobre Oro-Werke German tinplate dolls house. A strange lot comprising separate rooms that could be stack together, it dated from the 1920s. Complete with tinplate furniture and fittings that could be slotted into position, the units included a kitchen, dining room, sitting room, lounge, bedroom and bathroom. Estimated at £300-500, this blast from the past sold for £792.

From tinplate to steel. Two pedal cars found new owners on the day. The Tri-Ang Jaguar E-Type is highly regarded by collectors and despite the fact that the example being sold lacked wheels and windscreen and exhibited one broken headlight cover, interest was such that the hammer fell on £528. With the real thing fetching upwards of £100,000, someone got a bargain… The other Tri-Ang car was the Duke, which was finished in red. This was complete aside from a screen and its rather low guide of £40 was quickly passed, the lot realising £360.

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