Palitoy Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back figure achieves £9,000 at auction

03 December 2021
Vintage Princess Leia Bespin 3 3/4" figure went under the hammer at Vectis

Vectis TV & Film related sales are no stranger to Star Wars carded figures and the value they can achieve, especially when two or more bidders are determined to win.
Of course, condition is key, however on occasion a rare variation will turn up in the auction room and these are highly sought after.

Lot 6267 in the 30th of November’s auction combined both these qualities, the Palitoy Empire Strike Back Princess Leia Bespin figure on a punched 30B back card had transitional imagery depicting only half of Leia and not the standard full length picture of the Princess. These variations weren’t available in shops for long and as such perhaps only a handful remain in existence.

Although the original imagery could still fetch a respectable £1,500 at auction, the rarity and condition of this carded figure ensured it attracted a great deal of attention from bidders, and after a fierce battle, the telephone bidder emerged victorious with a bid of £9,000 (inclusive of Buyers Premium)

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