On the right track?

06 December 2017
marklin-64895.jpg The Marklin Gauge 1 Overhead Electric Be 6/6 "Crocodile" was unusual and made £504.
Railwayana also scored highly at the Vectis model train sale in October.

Railwayana also scored highly at the Vectis model train sale in October.

A quantity of cast plates and notices included a Rothbury seat back. Rothbury was a station in Northumberland, part of a 13 mile single track line opened in November 1870 and closed in 1963. A "Penalty for Neglect £2" notice, "Shut This Gate" sign, plus a notice for "Any persons not fastening this gate after having passed through is liable to a penalty for 40s" and a "Keep This Gate Shut" sign were mounted on a wooden base. Estimated to make £60-90, this odd collection realised £480.

Elsewhere, a GWR cast cab side numberplate for a 060 Tank Loco No.8471 was auctioned. This was painted in green, lined in orange and with its brass numbers left unpainted. Included with this lot was a production British Railways poster for Greenwood Signal Box for New Barnet. Railway buffs ignored the estimate of £30-40, pushing the pair of items to £336.

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Back to the models: a Marklin Gauge 1 Modern Issue De Adler Train set, consisting of a 2-2-2 loco and tender in green and black, with a 3rd Class open carriage, a 2nd Class and two 1st Class coaches, attracted a lot of interest. The set included a packet of figures, instructions and appeared unused. With box, this made £552.

There was also Battle Space! This Tri-ang set comprised the R630 POW Car complete with the rare Commandos; a R571 G10 "Q" Car with more Commandos; a R248 Medical Corp Ambulance Car and the R239K Red Arrow Bomb Transporter with bomb. All boxes were present and the guideline was tripled, the collection being knocked down finally for £336.