New steam liner collection launched

02 March 2017
Titanic-46016.jpg RMS Titanic
Something new from Atlas Editions

Atlas Editions is launching a new diecast model collection of Legendary Ocean Liners.

Available now, the collection launches with the most famous of all ocean liners – RMS Titanic. Atlas Editions has created authentic models of the liners by teaming up with Gordon Williamson, a maritime historian, to ensure the models are as authentic as possible.

The collection was launched as a celebration of a gracious age of speed, splendour and timeless elegance and includes 1:1250 scale models of RMS Titanic, RMS Queen Mary, Normandie, RMS Lusitania, RMS Queen Elizabeth, SS United States and La France.

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Guy Stainthorpe, Managing Director, Atlas Editions, said: “We decided to launch the Legendary Ocean Liners collection after we discovered how difficult it was for members of the public to buy models of these prestigious state-of-the-art ships that, in their day, were the largest man-made objects that could move.”

The creation of the Great Ocean Liners collection has taken almost two years due to the lengthy process of ensuring the models are as authentic as possible. Original plans, blueprints and photographs were all used to create precise drawings and illustrations of each liner.

The Atlas Editions Titanic model comes with a 6-page colour booklet and a certificate of authenticity which includes a fact file of the liner. It also comes in a specially-designed collector’s box and is mounted on a presentation plinth. It sells for  £1.99 with FREE postage and packaging exclusively from