New Starship Enterprise from Diamond Select

16 May 2013
imports_CCGB_stk431641_29705.jpg New Starship Enterprise from Diamond Select
Model based on Star Trek: First Contact and new figure of Captain Picard. ...
After recently showcasing Hot Wheel’s new Star Trek models, this time we’ve been sent details about Diamond Select’s take on the Starship Enterprise as seen in the film Star Trek: First Contact, which tells the story of Earth’s first meeting with visitors from outer space.

The new model from Diamond Select in an all-new tooling with a film accurate paint scheme of the Enterprise NCC-1701-E. As well as looking like the ‘real thing’, the model also sounds like it too, thanks to electronic sounds and lights – helping you to recreate all your favourite scenes from the film. The model measures more than 19 inches long and eight inches wide, plus it comes with its own display stand. It’s due out in June 2013 and is expected to retail for £49.99.

Alongside the Enterprise, Diamond Select also has a Captain Picard action figure on the cards. The seven-inch tall figure has been sculpted by Patrick Pigott and is depicted in a striking action pose atop a Borg battle scene display base.  Picard is beaming down in September and has an RRP of £21.99.

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