New Star Trek Plastic Kits Beaming Down from AMT and Polar Lights

11 March 2013
imports_CCGB_product_09208.jpg New Star Trek Plastic Kits Beaming Down from AMT and Polar Lights
Recreate the famous Star Trek bridge in miniature and build more galactic models. ...
New Star Trek Plastic Kits Beaming Down from AMT and Polar Lights Images
With the next Star Trek film just around the corner (which looks absolutely amazing, if the trailers are anything to go by) model manufacturers are lining up a whole host of new Star Trek-themed collectables. Although many are creating items based on the upcoming J J Abrams film, we're delighted to see some manufacturers delving into the archive to recreate models from the original series. Two such makers are plastic kit creators AMT and Polar Lights.

We're particularly excited about AMT's re-tooled version of the bridge from the original series of Star Trek (referred to as Star Trek TOS, by those in the know) which allows you to build the set of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. Although this model set was originally released by AMT in the 70s, it is now being re-released with the key addition of new figures and added details, for example Spock's and Sulu's scopes are present for the first time in the set and additional wall sections are included to allow the bridge to be completed 'in the round' for the very first time! Alongside this there are the parts to build six figures, including Kirk, Spock, Bones, Sulu, Checkov, Ohura, Scotty or other 'red shirts' (you know, the ones that normally get killed off five minutes into the episode). The Star Trek Bridge set is due for release in July with an RRP of £29.99.

Also from AMT is a set that focuses on three of the most popular ships ever shown in the TV sieres. Along with the Enterprise, of course, you also get the D-7 Battle Cruiser piloted by Kirk's arch rivals the Klingons and the deadly Romulan Bird of Prey. The two enemy crafts are brand new tools and have been available before in this scale as plastic kits. There are also decals to complete the three models. This set should be available soon and is being distributed in the UK by Amerang.

Finally in September, Polar Lights is releasing a version of the Enterprise as seen in an episode from the original series called The Space Seed. Fan-favourite villain Khan Noonen Singh (Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!) made his appearance in this episode aboard the SS Botany Bay and this model celebrates both the episode and the bad guy by including a brand new kit of Khan's original ship. The snap-together kit includes both the TOS version of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and the Botany Bay, plus a dome base supports both ships for display. This super set is also expected to retail for £29.99.
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