New shop options at the Corgi Model Club

28 February 2022
Exciting news from the Corgi Model Club...

Exciting news from the Corgi Model Club – its website has been significantly updated and now non-members can get in on the action and purchase/pre-order individual models too. However, members will continue to enjoy each issue at a substantially reduced price, of just £19.99 each, plus P&P.

In addition to this new purchasing option, the website now has an extra section for t-shirts, all featuring evocative Corgi Toys artwork, with some Scalextric versions available too. Sizes range from S to XXXL and all designs come in various shirt colour options as well.

Next up for members is the 1/43 scale No 335 - 4.2 Litre Jaguar 'E' Type 2+2. Launched into the Corgi Toys range in 1968, this classic Jaguar sports car was produced in two colour options – red or metallic blue. Both versions came with an opening bonnet, complete with a wonderfully detailed 4.2 litre engine and doors that opened to reveal miniature tilting seats. The details didn’t end there as Corgi bestowed the model with tiny bonnet-mounted mirrors, a separately moulded exhaust and beautifully-modelled spoked wheels. The model’s clear plastic ‘bubble’ packaging, was difficult to open without damaging it so, as a result, very few original packs of this classic Corgi exist in undamaged condition today.

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