New release from the Corgi Model Club

10 August 2022
The next reproduction is No 437 Superior Ambulance on Cadillac Chassis

The next reproduction from the Corgi Model Club (that should be about to begin to arrive by the time that you read this) is No 437 Superior Ambulance on Cadillac Chassis. When this ambulance was introduced by Corgi Toys, in 1962, it was revolutionary. Featuring a battery-operated emergency light, UK buyers had never seen anything like it before. What’s more, the illumination was additionally transferred to the model’s front and rear roof lights via Corgi’s innovative ‘Trans-O-Lite’ system. To British children in the early 1960s, who would have been used to ambulances from more traditional marques such as Bedford and Austin, this streamlined Superior- bodied design would have seemed like something from the future. A red liveried version was produced until 1966, after which the model was repainted in this new, much rarer pale blue and white variant.

Even if you’re not a member, you can buy any of the releases so far (subject to stock) as a standalone purchase. This model will be available to buy on its own for £35.99, plus postage. But this would cost much less if you subscribe.

To find out more, visit the club’s website at

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