New owner for the Matchbox Club

12 December 2013
imports_CCGB_img-0128_78451.jpg New owner for the Matchbox Club
Businessman Graham Atherton takes over the long-running collectors club. ...
New owner for the Matchbox Club Images
The Matchbox Club based in Chester has a new owner, Graham Atherton, a local businessman who bought the club in the year of the 60th Anniversary of Matchbox cars being produced.

Graham became interested in collecting Matchbox models when he was just five years old and began his collection with a 1966 Regular Wheels model. His mum, used to take him shopping and she realised the best way to keep Graham quiet was to let him stare at the displays of brightly coloured Matchbox cars in Woolworths.

Graham has already had an impact on the Club and is working to develop it as a focal point for like-minded collectors. Graham says “We are bringing a fresh approach to The Matchbox Club with a new Website together with Facebook and Twitter pages for all of our collectors out there.

Graham has accumulated an impressive collection of Matchbox cars. He looks back on it with nostalgia “Regular wheels gave way to ‘Superfast’ which in turn led to racing our cars in the playground -before culminating in the launch of the ‘Superfast Track’ and we spent many hours building simple loop layouts and racing our outrageously styled cars.”

Graham’s Matchbox ‘hobby’ was a great stress buster for him and he expected people to laugh or not understand how this would fit into his ‘day-to-day’ world, but the reaction has been very different. Many of his business associates are fascinated and have immediately started identifying cars they had as a child.

When asked why he bought The Matchbox Club Graham said “When you start collecting you want to find out more about the models, the company and its heritage. I bought the club because I liked the idea of trying to keep alive the ethos of a brilliant and successful British company and brand. It feels good to be doing something for like-minded enthusiasts who share our passion. To bring enthusiasts together The Matchbox Club is holding its annual Convention in Chester next year.”

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