New Model Review: CMC's curvaceous Alfa Romeo is out in front by 100 miles

27 October 2014
imports_CCGB_img-1990_82135.jpg New Model Review: CMC's curvaceous Alfa Romeo is out in front by 100 miles
A stunning recreation of a historic Le Mans racer turned road car in 1/18 scale. ...
New Model Review: CMC's curvaceous Alfa Romeo is out in front by 100 miles Images
Manufacturer: CMC
Model: Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B 1938
Scale: 1/18
Price: £337.99
Ref: M-107

Alfa Romeo’s newlyfounded racing department “Alfa Corte” decided that an existing 8C 2900B fitted with a coach-built body and a more powerful engine was needed for the 1938 Le Mans 24 Hours. The renowned coachbuilder Touring was contracted to build a closed (Berlinetta) body using its proven mix of aerodynamics and lightweight construction known as “Superleggera.” The result was breathtaking.

Drivers Raymond Sommer and Clemente Biondetti took off with starting number 19 at La Sarthe. In Le Mans’ racing history, never had a vehicle obtained such a dominant and superior lead until, in the 20th hour of the race, the 2900B was leading by 11 laps or 160 km (100 miles) when its right front tyre burst damaging the engine mounts.

The car passed into privatehands, but the Alfa Romeo Storico Museum brought it home to Italy in the 1980s, undertaking a total restoration.

The model
I have to confess to having a soft spot for anything to do with Le Mans history and Alfas in particular. This famous car is sumptuously modelled here and the craftsmanship lavished upon this example exceeds any superlative. The level of detail, like the real car, is breathtaking
and the attention CMC has given it is clear to see.

Just look at the level of finish and accuracy to the car’s interior for a start. Then lift the split bonnet and remove the side access panels to reveal the intricate engine with its ancillaries. Turn the model over and be astounded further by the suspension underneath. The front grille is wonderfully evocative too, as are those incredible hand-made wire wheels. Don’t forget to lift the boot to check the spare wheel.

There’s a 1938 Le Mans version coming shortly too. So there goes next year’s holiday budget!

Beauty almost beyond measure. Classic 1930s Alfa and just look at that detail to the grille!

Beautiful lines of the 8C are a treat from any angle.

The fabulous rear boot lid, complete with stay, opens for access to the spare wheel.

Stunning interior features.

Turning the model over reveals outstanding detail to the suspension and engine ancillaries.

Amazing engine detail.

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