New magical Harry Potter models arrival at Corgi HQ

17 September 2019
Corgi is thrilled to announce that Harry Potter products are now available to the mass market again!

In 2018 Hornby Hobbies and Warner Bros. entered into a 3 year licensing partnership. Over ten years ago, Corgi, prior to being owned by Hornby Hobbies, released a range of Harry Potter themed diecast models and consumer demand in the collector’s market has gradually risen for the models again.

Original releases of those models are treasured by their owners and, in pristine condition, now sell at auction houses, in independent retailers or online stores for far more than they originally retailed at. So naturally, when word spread that the licensing deal had been confirmed, the thought on the Corgi team’s mind was “Can we bring these iconic models back to the market?!”

Hidden away in a warehouse, the moulds were found, and thus Corgi are thrilled to announce that the products are now available to the mass market again! Corgi has, however, taken the opportunity to make a few changes to make these the most accurate reproductions. Thanks to cooperation with the team at Hornby, this has ensured that the diecast reproduction of the Hogwarts Express is as closely matched to the real life locomotive as it can possibly be.

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The manufacturers were provided with a paint swatch and challenged to match it exactly, the result is the most accurate reproduction at 1/100 scale yet. There is a similar story to accompany Corgi’s Flying Ford Anglia in 1/43 scale, including figures of Harry and Ron. No less than four different production samples of the car were provided to the development team before the colour was approved for mass production. The resulting model is quite different to the original Corgi release of the product and is as accurate as Corgi could make it.

Accompanying the Ford Anglia and the stunning locomotive is the wonderfully unique triple decker Knight Bus, painted in the correct glorious purple and it is even adorned with crystal chandeliers for a touch of luxury! All three products come in Corgi’s new Wizarding World packaging and would be the perfect present for anyone who knows, loves or grew up with the Harry Potter franchise. Corgi also promises that the magic won’t stop here, and suggests that we keep our eyes and ears peeled for its 2020 range announcements in January – Potterheads and diecast collectors alike will not be disappointed apparently!