New Gerry Anderson Project to be Unveiled Soon

25 March 2013
imports_CCGB_new-projects2_10552.jpg New Gerry Anderson Project to be Unveiled Soon
New website launched to celebrate the work of Gerry Anderson. ...
Here at Collectors Club of Great Britain, we were all disappointed to hear that Gerry Anderson had passed away over the Christmas period. His amazing catalogue of television shows and movies had provided a huge inspiration to the world of collectables, with some of the best and most valuable vintage items all based on Gerry Anderson productions.

However, despite his death, his son Jamie has promised Gerry's legacy will live on and, even better, he will soon reveal details about a brand new Anderson project! According to the new website: "In a surprise announcement that will thrill fans both young and old, Anderson’s production company Anderson Entertainment has today announced that it is actively pursuing a number of projects, the first of which will be unveiled shortly."

Gerry’s younger son Jamie, now head of production at the legendary producer’s company said “Dad was working on a number of projects which he was sadly never able to complete, so we’re proud to be seeing these through to completion. We hope that we’ll be introducing genuine Anderson productions to a brand new generation, whilst at the same time carrying the legacy torch for the classic shows like Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray, and Space:1999. One thing’s for sure; there will be no strings attached!”

ITV has already confirmed it's working on a new computer generated version of Thunderbirds, so we're not sure whether this surprise announcement could be linked to that but, no matter what it is, we're extremely excited! Just think of all the new models! While you wait for the official announcement, the new website has plenty of interesting information about Gerry Anderson's legacy, alongside some short videos about his shows - one of which you can see below. We also love that new logo!

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