New from Corgi for 2022

28 January 2022
Corgi’s own diecast blog specialist, Michael Clegg, details all the highlights from the company’s new range catalogue.
New from Corgi for 2022 Images

It has become something of an early year tradition for Corgi fans that our return to work following the Christmas holiday season is eased somewhat by the knowledge that the latest model range will be unveiled just days into the New Year. This year, that date was 10th January, however, this year, things were a little bit different.

Our on-line Christmas advent activities gave prior notification of our range frequency changes for 2022, but if you didn't see those then it might come as something of a surprise, so we are going to take this opportunity to position things from our perspective. We felt these changes would allow the Corgi brand to be more flexible and to provide greater clarity with regard to realistic anticipated release dates for our models.

The new range launch format is to have three announcements/range launches each year, with the models announced in each covering four monthly release blocks. Our intention is that, barring unforeseen production or shipping difficulties, all the models announced in each respective range have a realistic chance of being released during the period covered by the catalogue in which they appear. This was intended to provide collectors with greater release clarity and remove the situation where a great new tooling project announced at the beginning of one year didn’t actually arrive in our warehouse until the end of the following year. We all know that delays are part and parcel of the manufacturing process and there are few guarantees around this, however, we hope that this change will mitigate the frustration of waiting long periods for the new models you are most looking forward to collecting actually being released.

That being said, we are not going to keep information regarding the new tooling projects we are currently working on secret from our collectors, as confirmed by the first few pages of the latest catalogue, in fact, we are probably going to be even more open with you than we have been in the past. The only thing is that by the time the model takes its place in a particular range, details will be much more robust and we will be able to provide collectors with a clearer expectation of its anticipated release date. In essence, we have our annual release schedule in place, just like the other Hornby brands, it’s just that we are releasing ours in four-monthly blocks, rather than all at once. The analogy is that three new cars are already in the Corgi showroom, it’s just that two of them still have their covers on.

So without further ado, here are the details of all the models due within the next few months. After that, I finish with news of exciting new tooling projects currently in the works.

AA27206 Avro Vulcan B2 XM597 Black Buck 6 Expected April 2022
• 1/72 scale • £239.99

As the world watched, Britain launched audacious strike attacks, known as ‘Black Buck’ raids, against occupying Argentinean forces in the Falkland Islands. On the night of 30th April/1st May 1982, ‘Operation Black Buck 1’ saw Vulcan XM607 bomb the runway at Port Stanley. At that time, this was the longest range bombing mission ever attempted. A later mission,‘Black Buck 6’, was mounted in an attempt to take out Argentinean anti-aircraft radar installations on the Falkland Islands and would see Avro Vulcan B.2 XM597 equipped with four AGM-45 ‘Shrike’ missiles for the task. The Shrike missiles are a first for a 1/72 scale Corgi Vulcan release.

AA27707 North American P51D Mustang “Detroit Miss”
Expected March 2022 • 1/72 scale • £59.99

Urban L. Drew and his personal P-51D Mustang "Detroit Miss" lead a fighter protection flight covering a deep penetration bombing raid into Germany on 7th October 1944 and was one of only three USAAF pilots to have encountered the new Messerschmitt Me262 jet fighter during a combat mission over enemy territory. In May 1983, Urban L. Drew was awarded the Air Force Cross, in recognition of his wartime service and status as an air ace.

AA28901 Bristol Beaufort Mk.I, N1016 OV-X, F/O Kenneth Campbell, RAF No.22 Squadron, St Eval, Cornwall, 6th April 1941
Expected February 2022 • 1/72 scale • £84.99

The protection of Britain’s sea lanes during World War II was a crucial battle which had to be won. Throughout the first few months of conflict, the German capital ship Gneisenau and her sister vessel Scharnhorst were posing a serious threat and on receiving news that the ships had entered Brest harbour to undergo repairs in late March 1941, the RAF immediately planned raids intended to destroy, or at least damage the ships. On Sunday 6th April 1941, Bristol Beaufort Mk.I N1016 took off from RAF St. Eval in Cornwall and headed for a rallying point off the coast of France, close to the entrance to the harbour. The lone attack was successful, but at the cost of the lives of Pilot Flying Officer Kenneth Campbell and his crew.

AA39504 Short Stirling "Gremlin Teaser"
Expected April 2022 • 1/72 scale • £174.99

Stirling Mk.III LJ542 sported a rather unusual and elaborate nose artwork called "The Gremlin Teaser". This featured a pin-up girl wearing what appear to be strap-on angel wings, the inference thought to be that this angelic figure was flying in defiance of evil, in this age-old wartime struggle of good against evil. The Stirling’s huge bomb bay allowed the aircraft to carry three times as many bombs as the Vickers Wellington and almost nine times the weight carried by a Bristol Blenheim. This aircraft would see 60 operations, particularly around the time of D-Day, confusing enemy defences in advance of the Allied invasion.

CC08401 James Bond Triumph Scrambler 1200 - No Time to Die
Expected Summer 2022 • 1/12 scale • £84.99

Celebrating the release of the latest movie in the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, Corgi, in collaboration with EON Productions, are proud to unveil the James Bond Triumph Scrambler 1200. This exciting highly-detailed motorcycle replica is a must have for any Bond fan’s collection. Originally announced at 1/24 scale, that version was cancelled and has been replaced with this much larger incarnation, allowing for an incredible level of detail to be incorporated, complete with working suspension and accurately-replicated bike stand for realistic display.

CC12841 Coca-Cola Classic Truck
Expected February 2022 • 1/50 scale • £119.99

Featuring striking branding that is recognisable the world over, this iconic Coca-Cola truck is ready to refresh your collection. This highly-detailed model is scaled at 1/50 and measures over 30 centimetres in length, featuring moving parts and removable mirrors and aerials. Corgi is proud to work with Coca-Cola to bring a range of the highest-quality die-cast models to the Coca-Cola and model collectables market. This range of models, all iconic in their own right, are liveried in symbols of this world-famous brand from over a century of its history.

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CC51032 M4A1 Sherman Beute Panzer (Trophy Tank)
Expected February 2022 • £59.99

Capturing a fully working example of the enemy's latest battle tank is a situation that was highly-prized by all the combatant nations during World War II, allowing its capabilities to be assessed and to ascertain the most effective ways of destroying them. This particular early Sherman tank was captured by 1st Company, 501st Heavy Tank Battalion in Tunisia, during operations to counter the Anglo-American invasion of French North Africa in late 1942 and must have looked rather conspicuous parked amongst the German Tiger 1 and Panzer III tanks which were heading towards the fighting. The fascinating hand-painted warning on the side of the Sherman is basically warning German troops not to remove any items from the enemy tank, as it has been commandeered by German Military High Command and is destined to be sent back to Germany for test and evaluation.

CC60113 British Churchill Mk.IV Tank, 'To Catch a Tiger
Expected February 2022 • £59.99

Elements of the 48th Royal Tank Regiment were the first Allied units to come up against the German Tigers and it would not be long before its Churchills started to fall victim to the 88mm guns of the new German tank - Allied military planners were desperate to get their hands on a Tiger and they wouldn’t have to wait long. Following heroic actions by troops of the 2nd Battalion, Sherwood Foresters, a Tiger had its turret disabled during fighting at Guriat el Atach and was abandoned almost intact by its crew. The Foresters had to repel numerous enemy counterattacks over the next couple of days, but were determined to hold on to their trophy. Relieved by strong reinforcements two days later, they had presented the British with a most valuable prize, the first complete example of a German Tiger tank.

CC60516 Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf E (Early production), 'Tiger 131'
Expected March 2022 • £59.99

Built at the Henschel tank works in Kassel during February 1943, Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf E ‘Tiger 131’ was destined to be one of only a small number of Tiger tanks sent by Hitler to bolster the increasingly desperate situation in North Africa, reinforcing the famous Afrika Korps. Assigned to the 504th Heavy Tank Battalion, the Tiger was prepared for immediate combat operations and as it was destined to be the commander's tank of the 3rd platoon, was adorned with the red turret number 131. Tiger 131 was the first German Tiger tank to be captured intact by Allied forces during World War II and, in the years that followed, would go on to be regarded as the most famous individual tank in the world.

CC75001 HMS Prince of Wales (R09), Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier
Expected Spring 2022 • £62.99

One of the largest and most powerful vessels ever constructed for the Royal Navy, this awe-inspiring warship, with state-of-the-art weaponry and communications systems, can carry up to 40 aircraft including the fearsome new F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. Its sister ship HMS Queen Elizabeth (already released by Corgi as CC75000) has already been accepted into the fleet and is ready to embark on many vital global deployments for the next 50 years. Carrying a crew of between 700 and 1,600 (when all 36 F-35s are on board), these mighty ships also will carry four Merlin helicopters. Six UK shipyards were involved in the construction and, during this, 250,000 kilometres of electrical cable was installed on each one.

OM46317 AEC RM – Blackpool Transport, Pontins
Expected April 2022 • £46.99

The AEC RM – Blackpool Transport, Pontins is a highly detailed 1/76 scale Routemaster, based on RM 848, which served both London and Blackpool. RM 848 was new to London Transport (LT) in 1961, based initially at Edmonton garage, later moving to Wood Green. This bus was withdrawn by London Transport in 1985 and sold to Blackpool Transport in 1986. One of the thirteen Routemasters bought by Blackpool Transport, it was renumbered 522 and originally liveried with the Travel Card 3 Tram livery, it was allocated to route 12, then 55. In 1989, the route was changed to number 40, starting at Blackpool Tower, and was extended to serve Pontin's Holiday Camp. Between 1991 and 1993 it was painted with the all over Pontin’s advertisement. Withdrawn in 1994, it was sold to Reading Mainline in 1997. In 2000 it was sold back to LT for refurbishment and ran until 2005, when it was re-registered and sold into private ownership.

Expected April 2022 • £46.99

RM1000 was delivered to London Transport in October 1961, as the 1000th Routemaster to be built, and thereafter was maintained in top condition for exhibition use with minimal normal service. Today it is looked after by the RM1000 Preservation Group. The model proudly wears ‘advertisements’ marking its special status.

VA11014 Ford Escort Mk3 XR3i - Sunburst Red
Expected Spring 2022 • £35.99

Ford launched the Mk3 Escort range in 1980. Project Erika, as it was known during development, heralded a new start for a model range that had been one of the UK's best-selling cars since its launch in 1968. The XR3i modelled was purchased from Brockholes Motor Company, Huddersfield, on March 1st, 1983. On December 9th, 2007, the car’s third and current owner, Nottinghamshire-based mechanic Phil Haywood, purchased the then 64,000-mile XR3i. In 2009, he stripped it for a concours restoration to original specification. This included a full respray and having all the zinc components replated. He also stripped the engine, checked the components, and found it only needed new gaskets. The restored car won the XR Owners Club’s National Day Concours in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and has featured in classic car magazines.

VA12416 Ford Granada Mk2 2.8 Injection Sport, Cardinal Red
Expected April 2022 • £35.99

This Ford Granada Mk2 (Series 2) was ordered in this striking specification by Ford dealers R. C. Edmondson, Spalding, Lincolnshire, to be displayed at a local motor show. Registered in June 1983, and used initially as a demonstrator, it was then sold to a local farmer, once the dealership had finished with it, who kept the car for over ten years. Current owner, Tim Brown, used to deliver to Naylor’s farm in his job as an HGV driver. Bought for him as a surprise by his wife, Tina, and father, the family used it regularly until a change in circumstances forced a regretful sale in 2010. Less than two years later, Tim and Tina were able to buy the car back and totally restored it in 2014. It remains one of the most admired cars in the Granada Drivers Guild.

VA14502 Volkswagen Campervan Type 2 (T1), Palm Green and Sand Green
Expected April 2022 • £35.99

The 1957 Type 2 modelled was imported from a dry climate in the US in 2010 and, because of this, was virtually rust free making it a fantastic prospect for the high-standard UK restoration it received. It was later upgraded by Type 2 Detectives who fitted a rebuilt 1600 Twin Port engine, running on twin Weber carburettors, a dual circuit braking system utilising front discs, a Gene Berg quick shifter and Fuchs alloy wheels. A bespoke new interior was then built by well-known Kent-based VW Type 2 specialist UK Sports Cars, who sold the vehicle to the current owner. He is a lifelong VW enthusiast who uses it regularly for touring and attending model flying events in both the UK and Europe.

VA14900 Ford RS2000
Expected Spring 2022 • £35.99

The Mk1 Escort RS2000 had proven to be a huge hit, especially in the UK, and showed the potential of the idea, so Ford took the Mk2 RS2000 up market, positioning it as the performance car every young professional needed. A new deformable polyurethane nose transformed its look and gave it a distinctive, more glamorous identity, but it was practical as well, reducing drag. Announced at the 1975 Geneva Motor Show, the RS2000 became the best-selling RS Escort ever made with over 23,000 being produced at Ford's Saarlouis plant in Germany before production ceased in July 1980.

VA14902 RS2000 X Pack - Venetian Red
Expected Spring 2022 • £35.99

Ford’s AVO plant, which had been created to build short runs of limited-edition cars, was mothballed in 1975 but the company still wanted to offer enthusiasts the option to build the RS Escort of their dreams. Thus, the customer or dealer-fit Series X modifications were developed. The Series X tuning parts catalogue addressed every area of the car, engine, brakes, suspension and bodystyling, but customers could pick the components that they wanted or, more pertinently, could afford. Six X-pack RS2000s were built by Ford’s engineers at Aveley using the full body kit, which was made for the company by Fibresports of Essex. New tooling projects Corgi has also confirmed some exciting new tooling projects, currently in development. See the news section (page 4) for details. The company has also teased models from an exciting new entertainment franchise.