New Edsel model releases from Esval

11 August 2023
Quartet of 1958 Edsel Station Wagon variants

Esval have sent us a quartet of their recent releases of the 1958 Edsel Station Wagon variants.

Though the Edsel goes down in history as a marketing flop by Ford in America, in truth the car itself was as good as any on the market in its day, and examples are keenly collected nowadays. There are plenty of models out there, but mostly of the convertibles, sedans and hardtops; Not very many of the station wagons or their derivatives. Esval have taken a big step in remedying that with their latest releases:

The 2-door Roundup was the base model station wagon in the Edsel range, and lasted only through the 1958 year. Esval’s version is in bright orange-red with Cream trim and Cream vinyl-effect roof. The interior is in matching two-tone, the wheel centres are body colour, and the whitewall tyres finish off a very well-detailed model, down to the photo-etched bonnet ornament. On the review model, the steering wheel is set a little too high, but that’s my only negative.

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4-door Villager; This was the mid-range wagon (top line was the Bermuda) and the Esval is in Turquoise with Cream rear wing trim and the optional rear wheel spats fitted. Interior is in Black and Cream, and again the body-coloured wheel centres and whitewalls complete another beauty.

Corsair Ambulance; This conversion of the original to an ambulance was done by the specialist Memphian Coachwork Company, and has been converted from a 4-door sedan, rather than a station wagon, looking at the B-posts and the rear lights. It is spectacularly finished in two-tone Turquoise with Orange-Red rear trim and a Cream roof. Interior is Black and Cream, and incorporates a stretcher. All the roof lights and window decals have been faithfully modelled, as we’d expect. There is another version in Yellow / Orange two-tone with Black trim that looks equally eye-catching.

Villager “Amblewagon”; Another specialist conversion, this time by the Automotive Conversion Corporation, In Cream with Orange rear trim and matching interior, again with a stretcher inside. Once more, the roof lights, aerials, siren and window decals are all there, and a notable detail is that the inner headlights, no doubt modified for emergency flashing, are finished in red.

Your chosen supplier will be able to obtain these for you, at around £85-90.00 each, or order them direct from Esval at