New Corgi Mini Mania Replicas Available Now!

12 June 2012
imports_CCGB_mini-seven_57917.png New Corgi Mini Mania Replicas Available Now!
These models may be mini but we think they're going to be huge ...

Corgi has announced that several new models are now available in its Mini Mania range, including a Morris Mini Cooper as driven by celebrities like Paul McCartney, Steve McQueen, Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan.

Mini Mania is a range of die-cast models depicting the most iconic car Britain has ever produced, the Mini. These 1:36 scale, fully detailed, limited edition models are the ultimate representation of this ingeniously designed and internationally renowned car. The collection is comprised of standard road Minis and racing Minis in partnership with the Mini Se7en.

Among the latest products is a striking pink Mini Miglia, as driven by Aaron Smith. Aaron began racing in 2001 in the Pro-Kart circuit when he competed in the South East Pro Kart Championships. By 2005 he was crowned champion, moving onto the Senior Open Class races and winning again in 2008. Aaron was introduced to Mini Se7en Racing in 2009 by Paul Simmonds.

After a couple of visits to rounds to see what the racing was like and what went on at meetings, Aaron then went on to join the Mini Se7en Racing Club. His first Mini Se7en race was in the same year at Rockingham and he finished 12th out of the nineteen competitors. Aaron’s Mini cannot be missed on the track in its bright pink livery with the Great Ormond Street logo. The car has been racing since 1990 with many previous owners including Mike Jackson, Colin Peacock and Sarah Munns.

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Next up is the Mini Cooper, built primarily for a country with an oil shortage following the Suez crisis of 1956. However, the celebrity trend of high cost modifications and beautiful exterior finishing has ensured that the Mini remains a much loved representation of all things great about Britain during the swinging sixties.GGJ 382C was modified by legendary coachbuilder Radford and, at the request of McCartney, finished the car in Aston Martin California Sage Green Metallic.

The interior was trimmed in black leather and had a Webasto-style fold back canvas roof, a popular extra at the time. In 1967 the car was taken out for a drive to Primrose Hill where a strange man was seen wandering around. This was later the inspiration for the song ‘The Fool on the Hill’.

To see the full range, head over to the Mini Mania page.