Never say die(cast)!

03 November 2017
vectis-45810.jpg A pair of Morris Mini Minors in an unusual peach shade did well on the day, making a useful £360.
Vectis held three specialist diecast sales in September that comprised nine private owner collections:

Vectis held three specialist diecast sales in September that comprised nine private owner collections: in all, over 730 lots of superior diecast went under the hammer. Without doubt, this area of the collecting market is showing few signs of cooling down…

Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox is what it’s all about (in the main): for the Corgi aficionado, there was an excellent James Bond Aston Martin in gold with instructions, pictorial stand and with a good condition box. This realised £240 against an upper estimate of £130. The 201M Austin Cambridge Saloon in orange with a mechanical motor was a bigger surprise, though. Described as a beautiful example in a blue carded picture box, it was estimated at £140-170 but sold for an amazing £408. Additionally, a Corgi Batmobile (with bat hubs, missiles and instructions present) doubled its pre-sale guideline to achieve a healthy £384.

On to Dinky, where a No 502 Foden (1st type) Flat Truck empty blue lift-off lidded box with a paper label excited the audience enough to make £192 (great if you have the missing lorry!); and a four shelved Dinky Toys dealer cabinet, in wood/glass and of the front loading type, made a heady £576. As for models proper, how about No 102, the MG Midget sports car in pale green with a cream interior? A correctly coloured spot box helped this along and it finally sold for £288.

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And Matchbox… will the collecting world ever tyre(?!) of these miniatures? Wheel variations continue to fascinate the collector, one feels. Buses are always popular, and so it proved with the Stannard code 5 “Drink Peardrax” No 5C Routemaster bus (in a D2 box) which made £504. Then there was the No 26b Foden Cement Mixer (Stannard Code 1) with orange body, dark grey barrel and grey plastic wheels (almost £700). A whopping £1,080 was bid on a Regular Wheels G1 Motorway Gift Set containing the Euclid Dump Truck, a Foden Sugar Container Truck, a Ford Thames Trader Wreck Truck, a Ford Zephyr 6 in dark turquoise, a Volkswagen Camper Van. ■