More than meets the eye

09 September 2016
morethanmeetstheeye-64282.jpg Generation One Transformers are one of the big collectable toys from the 1980s and prices are continuing to creep up.
There’s no disguising a fantastic set of results for a Transformers collection at Aston’s Toy Auctions.
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Along with Star Wars, and possibly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, toys bearing the Transformers brand name are among the most valuable 1980s collectables. However, unlike Star Wars and the Turtles, the Transformers toys were originally released without the support of a TV show or comic.

In fact, the first Transformers toys didn’t even bear the Transformers name and were released in Japan as Diaclone or Microman products. Of course, they could still transform from a robot into a common vehicle or household product but it wasn’t until Hasbro came along that the potential of these toys was finally realised. The company quickly commissioned a comic series and animated TV show, which debuted in 1984 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the past few years, prices have steadily started to creep up for the Generation One Transformers, which were the first line of toys to appear in conjunction with the animated show. This initial line-up included iconic characters like Optimus Prime, the leader of the heroic Autobots and Megatron, the despotic head of the evil Decepticons. This passion for Transformers was recently highlighted at Aston’s Toy Auctions, as an impressive selection of Generation One toys went under the hammer.

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Among the most sought after lots was a collection of three Dinobots: Jungle Warrior Sludge, Commander Grimlock and Desert Warrior Snarl. Rather than turning into cars or planes, these three robots actually morphed into dinosaurs… could there be a more perfect combination for boys? All three were in excellent condition overall, complete with their original boxes and sold for £600, after being estimated at £100 to £140.
Another mixed lot that proved a hit included a set of evil Decepticon planes: Thrust, Cyclonus, Dirge and Ramjet. Again, all were in excellent condition in very good taped boxes. Estimated at £80 to £120, the lot made £650… which is certainly a lot higher than the £3.95 Woolworth’s stickers still present on the boxes.

Finally a trio of Transformers Targetmasters also soared past their estimates. The Targetmasters were Transformers that had guns that transformed into much smaller companion robots. With an estimate of £100 to £140, they realised an impressive £550.