ModelZone adminstration: founder blames management for "dumbing down"

08 July 2013
imports_CCGB_modelzoneadministration-1-_48016.gif ModelZone adminstration: founder blames management for "dumbing down"
Original owner David Mordecai now considering buying back struggling hobby store. ...
The latest in the ModelZone administration saga is that David Mordecai, the original founder of ModelZone, is considering buying back the group, which recently entered administration, and has blamed venture capitalists for "running the company into the ground" accusing them of wanting to "dumb it down and become an up-market toyshop".

Speaking to The Argus newspaper, Mr. Mordecai said he still kept in touch with some of the staff and was upset by the recent turn of events. “I’ve kept in contact with a lot of staff after working with them over the years and they’ve told me how distressing it was with what was happening. Those that have lost their jobs are the ones that are suffering. These people have given their lives to the company. A lot of them were enthusiasts, the job was a hobby. It’s a crying shame what’s happened," he said.

Mr. Mordecai took over a Brighton store called Model Aircraft and rebranded it Model Aerodrome before expanding into Crawley, Eastbourne, Guildford and Maidstone. The concept was to bring models of planes, railways and cars to the high street. It was renamed ModelZone in 1999 when it opened in Bluewater, Kent and went on to expand to 47 stores nationwide.

Although he currently runs the Hawklns Bazaar chain of shops, Mr. Mordecai is said to be interested in taking over ModelZone one more. "There’s a place on the high street for Modelzone. What it offers is totally unique. It’s basically a male crèche. We’ve had a look at it. I don’t know if it’s going to be too hard to resurrect.”

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