ModelZone administration: Great Gathering update from Hornby

09 July 2013
imports_CCGB_greatgathering_48313.jpg ModelZone administration: Great Gathering update from Hornby
ModelZone administration latest sees Hornby trying to contact pre-order customers. ...
One of Hornby's biggest releases this year is the 'Great Gathering' collection, a limited edition series of models based on the momentous exhibition of the six remaining A4 class locomotives currently on display at the National Railway Museum. The locomotives, each with etched nameplates will be released over the year and those who collect all six will be entitled to claim a specially commissioned glass display cabinet so that the models can be seen as a complete collection.

These models were eagerly anticipated by collectors and many had pre-ordered the models to ensure they could pick up all six to get the display stand - plus each A4 class replica was limited to just 500 pieces. However, the ModelZone administration could cause problems for those who have pre-ordered the locomotives in store and now Hornby is asking anyone with a ModelZone pre-order to contact its customer services. A statement on the website reads:

"The Great Gathering – an update for Modelzone Customers
Modelzone went into administration on 27th June 2013.  The business is currently being run by the administrators Deloitte whilst a business solution is sought.

What will happen to my Hornby Great Gathering pre-order?
Modelzone had been allocated approximately fifty sets of the Hornby Great Gathering collection.  We are attempting to get a confirmed list of pre-orders taken by Modelzone but in the meantime please contact Hornby Customer Care with details of your pre-order. 
Our Customer Care team will keep you updated once we have your details.

50 sets is a large chunk of the pre-orders, equalling 300 models worth more than £5,000. We hope Hornby manages to sort something out for its customers because it would be terrible if collectors missed out on this superb collection. This latest news follows Hornby's statement to investors saying it had kept its exposure to the ModelZone administration at an "acceptable level".

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