M&M Auctions' two-day sales causes promotion commotion!

22 July 2019
M-and-M-Auctions-tinplate-set-39115.jpg M&M Auctions
Promotion commotion!
M&M Auctions' two-day sales causes promotion commotion! Images

M&M Auctions’ two-day sale held in May centred on specialist toys, games and models and delivered an exceptional variety of vintage and modern era collectable toys for the enthusiast.  Continuing the trend of surprise finds during attic clear-outs, a wonderful group of pre-war Dinky 28 Series Type 1 delivery vans turned up, which had remained untouched for decades. These Dinky delivery vans were produced in the 1930s and were essentially toys used as a basis to promote well-known brands of the era. At the sale, examples bearing the rubric of Crawfords Biscuits, Marsh’s Sausages, Hornby Trains, the Manchester Guardian, Meccano and Oxo all went under the hammer. The star lot, though, was that of the Oxo issue van in blue with blue-washed wheels, selling for over £3,000 with buyer’s premium. Collectively, with the buyer’s premium, the group of eight vans sold for over £10,000: not bad for a forgotten hoard of advertising toys!

M&M also reports that the aforementioned vendor of the delivery vans sold in May had also recently discovered two beautiful and complete 28/1 and 28/2 trade boxes of Dinky type 2 delivery vans, which are scheduled to be consigned to the next sale. Pre-sale estimates are thought to be set between £4,000 and £7,000 each. So start saving now...

In all, the two-day event comprised over 1,400 lots, which included hundreds of tractors, trucks, cars, planes, trains and other collectable items from the past 100 years. A notable highlight included a fine collection of vintage issue Meccano, featuring a number of early issue sets, collectively selling for a handsome £5,000.

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The next two day sale is scheduled to take place at M&M’s Plover Court premises in August 2019.