Mini GT gets up to speed with classic F1 racers

14 June 2022
Just announced is this fabulous Lotus 78 Formula 1 racing car

Just announced by MINI GT, on its social media pages, is this fabulous Lotus 78 Formula 1 racing car that will join its ranks of 1/64 scale replicas. The Lotus 78 will sit perfectly alongside the six-wheeled Tyrrell P34 that the company announced in December 2020 (although nothing further has been released about that model since). The photo shows the latest pre-production shot of the Lotus 78.

The JPS Lotus 78 made its debut in the 1977 Formula 1 season and also appeared during some 1978 races too. Driven by Mario Andretti, Gunnar Nilsson and Ronnie Peterson. The development chassis was then sold to Héctor Rebaque, who took part in several races as a privateer, so there will be plenty of livery options to choose from for further releases.

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