Mellow yellow Mini sold!

17 October 2017
durrants-13969.jpg Durrants
Durrants' 31 August yielded several items of note.

Durrants' 31 August  yielded several items of note. The boxed Corgi 226 Morris Mini in bright yellow certainly stood out. Normally found in pale blue or metallic red, the yellow hue is very sought after and truly eye-catching. This model’s collectability was certainly borne out on the day when the little gem realised a healthy £500.

Britains Racing Colours also has a following, albeit, one suspects, slightly smaller than that of the diecast fraternity. The Racing Colours come in various hues and amongst them are some real rarities. An impressive £780 was the closing bid on a set of five (with one duplicate), all of which were in good condition overall and exhibiting only a small amount of paint loss.

Less mainstream, but still fun, was a very attractive one-off in the shape of a scratch built stationary steam engine: with various accessories, this puffed off to make £440.
A stunning example of the Corgi 497 Thrushbuster with the rare white paintwork included the Waverly plastic ring and instructions, as well as a sound box: becoming hard to find in this sort of condition, bidders kept the UNCLE duo in the chase, until a closing bid of £750 secured the vehicle.

Finally, a very pretty porcelain dressed doll ensured that the ladies stayed on their toes at the sale: this was finally knocked down at £1,100.

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