Meccano's rise continues

17 November 2016
Vecits-Colas-96422.jpg Vectis Colas
Meccano's rise continues

Arecent Vectis Model Train started with Part 3 of Malcolm Hanson’s Meccano and other constructional toys collection. Notable amongst the lots was a Meccano six drawer post-war c.1950s dealer’s cabinet. Each drawer was marked A to F, all drawers were partitioned. Each partitioned drawer contained a large quantity of red and green parts with condition varying throughout from good to excellent. There was even a detached backing card: estimated at £600-800, this set was bid all the way to £2,160. Doing even better was a blue and gold Ka outfit in a green box with a lift-out lid. This set contained a clockwork motor, electric motor and a loom, and it came with instructions dating from 1928-1934. An interesting piece, its estimate quadrupled to realise £2,520. A late 1950s set No.10 (red and green) housed in a four drawer wooden cabinet made a creditable £1,800, again well over the guideline; whilst a printed Meccano shop sign “Miniature Engineering for Boys” together with a “Meccano Model Building Competition” cardboard sign made £360.

Meanwhile, Bayko’s Holy Grail, the 1939 Deluxe outfit with oak and cream bricks, caused plenty of interest on the day. This was a very rare set indeed and contained booklets for sets 1 to 6. The guide of £1,200 was way too low, the set finding a new home at a staggering £2,880.
Last on the building front was an unusual Gilbert set, The New Erector, dating from the 1920s. This Outfit No.10 was contained in a wooden pine drawer chest and included a large number of parts. Its estimate of £200-400 was quickly passed and it sold for £1,680.

On to locomotives and rolling stock: a Hornby Dublo style, two-rail 2227 Special Limited Edition handbuilt 4-6-2 loco and tender (BR) lined black, Class 5 No.45127, had been constructed using the Hornby Dublo 8F and Castle with some white metal parts. Produced by Ian Coburn in 1999 it was one of a limited edition of just 50. The loco was near mint with instructions and the artwork used for the box picture. Estimated at up to £300, it sold for £840.

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