Mattel unveils Masters of the Universe Origins Prince and Cringer two-pack

05 April 2024
Masters of the Universe Origins Prince and Cringer Two-Pack
Mattel is returning to Eternia with new Masters of the Universe figures including the return of Prince Adam and Cringer.

Toy Collectors - can you name a more iconic TV duo than Prince Adam and Cringer from Masters of the Universe? Okay, apart from Sooty and Sweep. Right and there’s Chip ‘n’ Dale too. Oh sure, there’s Tom and Jerry. Instead - can you name a more iconic duo where one of them is a green tiger and the other guy transforms into someone that looks like he’s fresh from the set of Gladiators?


What is the Masters of the Universe Origins Prince and Cringer Two-Pack?


Mattel has just unveiled the latest entry in its Mattel Origins line, inspired by the original Masters of the Universe cartoons - which you can read all about in the February issue of Collectors Gazette. The MOTU Origins two-pack features brave Prince Adam, who can transform into the mighty He-Man, and his loyal but cowardly companion Cringer, who turns into the courageous Cringer.


Designed at 5.5-inch scale, like the classics, but with the posing possibilities of more modern action figures, each of the two figures has at least 16 articulated joints and a content-accurate appearance with an alternate head. The alternate head for Cringer has a frightened expression with an articulated jaw. A Power Sword accessory for Prince Adam and a swappable hand to hold it completes the pack.


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Where can I buy the Masters of the Universe Prince Adam and Cringer?


For our American toy collectors and readers, you can order the two-pack direct from Big Bad Toy Store for $29.99. For those of you in the UK, you’ll need to try websites, like The Whole Shebang or your local retailer. Prince Adam and Cringer are due to start shipping from July.


What is Masters of the Universe?


Masters of the Universe is a television show and toy line created by Mattel that focuses on the various conflicts between He-Man and the evil Skeletor. The franchise takes place on the fictional planet of Eternia, where a variety of characters appear in an ongoing battle between the two sides.


Masters of the Universe gained popularity in the 1980s thanks to a cartoon and hugely successful range of action figures, which continue to be sought after by collectors to this day. Recently Masters of the Universe has been rebooted by Netflix.


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