Massive Videogame Collection Sells for Almost £790,000

11 July 2012
imports_CCGB_videogames2_62385.jpg Massive Videogame Collection Sells for Almost £790,000
Every Nintendo and SEGA game among the eBay auction. ...
Massive Videogame Collection Sells for Almost £790,000 Images

A huge collection of videogames has sold on eBay for around £790,000. The auction featured every Japanese game for several Nintendo consoles, as well as SEGA consoles and some less well known formats too, and is considered by many to be the greatest collection of videogames ever!

The auction was listed by a French collector called Andre and, despite selling this massive offering, he still has more in his collection. Originally he made it his mission to gather entire sets of every Nintendo and SEGA game released in Japan but the passion soon grew and he moved into new areas.

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Andre told the LA Times: "What was important was the completion of each full set, every game of all those systems, all complete in box with instructions, or even brand new factory sealed. I perfected some full sets by getting every title of them factory sealed, just for the challenge of it. Some titles are extremely hard to come by brand new when they’re 25 years old. Now that the mission is complete, maybe it’s time to move on."

The auction gathered a lot of international attention, with more than 330,000 people viewing the listing on eBay. Although the buyer currently hasn't paid for the items, they're expected to be shipped to Canada.

Pictures via eBay.