Mantic Games Prepares to Unleash the Iron Ancestor

21 June 2012
imports_CCGB_ff-iron-ancestor_59214.jpg Mantic Games Prepares to Unleash the Iron Ancestor
As Mantic's Kickstarter campaign nears $200k, model maker teases new Warpath miniatures ...

With Mantic Games still riding a high from its incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign for Kings of War - which has neared the dizzying heights of $200,000 even though the initial target was just $5,000 - the Nottingham-based model maker has decided to showcase a new figure for its equally popular sci-fi table-top game Warpath.

The Iron Ancestor (see to your right) is a new addition to the Forge Father Army - who are among the most technologically advanced warriors in the galaxy. The Fathers do not wage war lightly but will raise their banners to defend their honour or uphold trading interests. The formidable Iron Ancestor is just one of their hi-tech weapons.

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Mantic is expecting the new model to be extremely popular and has created a number of special bundles that include the figure and  get newcomers to the hobby started with their Forge Father collection. You can see the available advanced orders at the Mantic Games website.

Meanwhile, August also sees the release of Scourger and Stalker units for Veer-myn as individual units and the Raptor Transport for Maruaders.